• Do you dream about an organized space that captures your style, but feel totally lost on how to achieve it and make it stick for your busy family?

  • Do you have an outdated room that needs a refresh but you don't know where to start and don’t want to spend a ton of time or money transforming it?

Whether it's a closet that needs organizing, an area that needs accessorizing, or a room that needs an entire overhaul, I’ll work with you to create a functional and beautiful space that makes you giddy every time you see it. I’m different than other professional organizers in that stylish storage solutions is a must, and different from full-service interior designers in that I incorporate pieces you already own with fresh, new decor-- and don’t charge you an arm and a leg to do so.

My services include:
+ Custom Consults
+ Styling Sessions
+ Organizing Sessions
+ e-organizing & styling
+ Staging
+ Gallery Wall Design

Solutions Session

This is a 2 hour in-person comprehensive assessment of your problem area, and a great place to start. We'll talk through what issues you're experiencing, any goals you have in mind and I will provide ideas for:

  • How to get organized
  • Storage Solutions
  • Space planning
  • Paint color & color schemes
  • Furniture, Lighting, Rugs, Drapes
  • Styling & Accessorizing

This package is for you if….
You want a change but don’t know where to start. You are up for a project, ready to put the time in but need an action plan.

Investment: $150

Room refresh 


Sadie Room

Overhaul a room from top to bottom with my help every step of the way. I’ll assess the space, get to know your tastes, and present a design concept that mixes old + new pieces that fit your style. How this works:

  • In-person Solutions Session
  • Custom design concept + floor plan
  • Sourcing + ordering
  • Installation + styling

This package is for you if….
You are overwhelmed by the thought of giving your space a makeover and have no time or energy to tackle the project. You know what you like but no clue where to find it and how to bring everything in the room together. 

Investment: Starts at $599
*Quote provided after initial consult and depends on scope of project


reclaim Your Space

Sadie Road

Stop avoiding that dreaded area in your home that is packed full of stuff you never use and get it organized once and for all. This package includes:

  • 3 hour session to de-clutter, simplify & organize your space
  • Action plan on how to complete the organizing process + maintain
  • Customized shopping list for stylish storage solutions

This package is for you if….
You have a space in your home that gives you a pit in your stomach every time you think about it. You can never find what you need. You want to use the space and feel good when you are spending time in it, but need a jumpstart on how to get it to be functional and stylish.

Investment: $399

E-organizing & styling

Kaitlin Office Design Concept.jpg
Sadie Road

With the right tools, YOU can bring out the potential of your space and make it functional and pretty for your family, This affordable and convenient option allows us to work together whether you're near or far. What you'll get:

  • Private Pinterest board with all selected materials and where to purchase
  • Floor plan or details on placement of materials, if applicable
  • Presentation to talk through the process, timeline and specific recommendations
  • One round of edits

This package is for you if….
You are someone who has some time and doesn't mind a little hard work. You have a ton of images saved to your Pinterest account and need a plan on how to bring the inspiration to life in your home.

Investment: Starts at $99
*Quote provided after questionnaire completed and depends on scope of project



Are you or a client of yours looking to move? This comprehensive assessment includes:

  • 1 hour in-person consult to assess how to: de-clutter and organize, pick paint colors, arrange furniture and accessorize
  • A list with all suggestions emailed post-consult
  • Discounts on packages for additional help to carry out the plan

This package is for you if….
You’re selling and need to get the space organized and staged so you can sell your home at the price you want. You’re buying and want a fresh start in your new house. Let’s get your place feeling like home from day one.

Investment: $99

Gallery Wall

Sadie Road

Gallery walls are one of the most personalized, unique ways you can decorate a space. Mixing prints and photos that tell a story and reflect your style is the perfect way to add character to your room. What I’ll do to create it:

  • Custom layout
  • Sourcing + ordering
  • Install

This package is for you if….
You have an empty wall above your sofa, desk or hallway that is just screaming for some pretty decor. You find yourself pinning pretty gallery wall images but never attempt to do one in your home because you’re afraid of how it’ll turn out.

Investment: $199

Don’t see a package that fits your needs?
Let’s chat and get it figured out together.