Master Bedroom Design Preview

There are SO many different directions you can go when you start designing an empty room. While it's always nice to have options, it can be super overwhelming to sort out your choices and come up with a vision that works for you. I'm working with clients who are having this problem with the master bedroom in their BEAUTIFUL new condo. They have a classic, traditional style and they like small touches of feminine detail and color. Take a look below at what I put together for their bedroom design, the inspiration for the space and what the room currently looks like. 

When I first saw the space, I immediately thought "massive white bed". I envisioned a large, tufted white bed frame, all white bedding and lots of throw pillows. The walls were already a nice dove grey shade and the floors are being refinished in a dark wood. The room gets a lot of great natural light but I wanted to lighten the space up even more with light, neutral furniture for all the larger pieces. Then gold accents can be incorporated in with a little bit of color in the artwork and accessories. 

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Here is the inspiration for the design. This room by Jillian Harris is one of my all time favorites. A lot of my clients prefer a little more color than this room, but the all-white plush bed is a show-stopper that can be paired with just about anything.  

Inspo Sadie Road

And here's the space in it's current state. Next time you see this room it's going to look entirely different--stay tuned!

Sadie Road
Sadie Road
Sadie Road