My Home Office Refresh

I have a little confession to make. If you follow my work, you know I often talk about how important it is to create a home that you enjoy spending time in. But the truth is, I haven’t taken my own advice for every area in my own home. I’ve been avoiding my home office for months and prefer to do my work in other places (literally anywhere else but the room that we have designated for the office). You’d think that I’d make it priority to have an area that I can go to be productive in, but I just haven't felt like dealing with it. And that's ok! Very few people have the time, money, and energy to tackle every room at once--everyone has different priorities and reasons for investing more in one room over another. 

Sadie Road Office

For me, I had major guilt that the current office furniture was not even three years old, and I was ready to get rid of it. All of it. So of course, I was avoiding having that conversation with my husband. :) The thing is, I picked out the office furniture when we moved in thinking it would primarily be my husband’s office. We bought neutral furniture but it all had a masculine feel to it as you can see from the before pictures below. Fast forward a year later, and I’m the one who works from home and am using the office more than my husband. The existing decor just wasn’t me and I couldn’t help but feeling blah and uninspired when I worked in there. I knew I had to do something about the room so I made a plan, talked it over with my husband (fortunately, I married a very patient man) and slowly started to refresh the room piece by piece. I wanted to lighten the space up, have a few feminine details and not spend much money. So here was my plan:

+ PURGE. We had a ton of old books that needed to go. I kept the classics, the ones we would re-read, and any that looked cool (i.e had a black or white spine when I removed the paper cover).

+ PAINT. I’d paint the room a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Simply White. My local Sherwin Williams has 40% off sales pretty regularly so I just waited for the next sale to buy my paint.

+ SELL FURNITURE. The furniture we had was nice, just not my taste. So I sold the desk, shelf, accent chair and desk chair.

+ SOURCE NEW ITEMS. I purchased a new desk, shelf, chair and light.

+ ACCESSORIZE. I pulled out some of the office supplies I was storing in the closet (white photo boxes and magazine file holders) and DIY'd a gray linen pinboard with inspiring photos/clippings.

And here is how it all came together:


Sadie Road office before


Sadie Road Office


Sadie Road Shelf before


Sadie Road Office
Sadie Road Office
Sadie Road Office
Sadie Road styling

I still like work in different areas around the house or at the coffee shop once in a while, but most of the time I'm here in my office. And now that I finished my refresh, I'm feeling way more inspired and productive. Do you have a home office that you spend a lot of time in? Do you feel motivated when you’re in it? Tell me a little about it!