6 Accessories to Style a Coffee Table

Coffee table

When I style a client’s coffee table I always use some combination of the six accessories listed below. For a balanced look you want a horizontal accessory (tray, book), a vertical accessory with height (greenery, candle) and a decorative object. This last item is the trickiest so don't worry, I have examples for you. Here are my favorite 6 Accessories to Style a Coffee Table:

Coffee Table-Sadie Road


A tray adds style to the table while also helping to keep the various accessories tidy by grouping them together.


Pretty design books are a classic way to style the table, or try peeling the paper off books you own for a more vintage feel. 

Coffee table styling-Sadie Road

3. Greenery

Plants or flowers (I often do faux for practical purposes) add a nice pop of color and height. 

4. Candle

I like a candle with a light shade (try white or pale pink) and a light scent. Taller candles or vintage candles sticks are another nice option to add height.

Side Table styling

5. Picture Frame

A little framed photo adds a personal touch to the table. I recommend keeping the frame relatively small and simple.

6. Decorative Object

This is where many of us get stumped. Placing a decorative object on top of a couple stacked books or directly on the table/tray is the secret sauce to styling a coffee table. This is what makes your coffee table decor interesting and intentional. Take a look below for ideas:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5


Try looking around your home for a few of these 6 accessories- you may be surprised by what you already own. I like to rotate pieces around the room to mix it up every now and then. Do you have a favorite accessory that you use to style your coffee table? Please share in the comments below!