How to Create White Space in your Home

We've all heard the term “white space” or “negative space” and most likely it was in regards to graphic design-- you see it very often in magazines and newspapers to emphasize certain images and make text more legible. But what does it mean when you apply a similar concept to designing a space in your home? For starters, let’s just be clear on what it is not. It is not meant in the literal sense to use more white in your room (although I do love white and would also recommend using more of it). Instead, think of it more as leaving empty spaces to create breathing room. Not only will this balance out the space, it will also give more focus to the items that you do choose to display. Resist the urge to style every square inch of the area. The most beautiful spaces are clean and simple. Take a look at these examples and let me know if you agree.  

Kitchen counter styling.jpg

Can you think of an area in your home that you can simplify and style with plenty of white space? Let me know in the comments below!