How to Organize Your Closet for Spring

Do you feel like you have too many clothes and still have a hard time finding clothes to wear each morning? Ugh, me too--I’m definitely guilty of binge shopping the sale racks at Target or H&M and buying things that I’ll maybe wear a few times before I'm over it or it falls apart. If you're looking to own less clothes while maintaining the flexibility to pair different pieces together for a variety of timeless looks, I recommend trying to organize your clothes into Capsule Wardrobes.

A Capsule Wardrobe is built with a small number of those essential, versatile pieces you love to wear during each season. It's a great way to pare your bulging closet down to those items that you truly love that can be part of a bunch of cute outfits. Although I haven't gone to a complete Capsule Wardrobe myself (yet), I'm using that principle to purge my closet of everything but those classic pieces that I feel good wearing, that I can wear multiple ways, and that bring me joy (just like Marie Kondo taught me!). So let's talk about How to Organize your Closet for Spring.


    What you’ll need:
1. A buddy. Who do you know that’s brutally honest (in a constructive way of course!). Grab a friend or your partner and ask for a few hours of their time. Although you could do this alone, it's helpful and more fun with a bud!
2. Scheduled Time. Block time in your calendar. The more time you can set aside to do this all at once the better.
3. Energy. Keep your beverage of choice and your favorite upbeat music on hand.
4. Bins. Designate areas  for “LOVE”, “LIKE” and “DISCARD”

STEP 1: Purging tips.

  • Take all of your clothes out at once. Literally all of them. That includes hanging clothes, drawers and your other little spots where you stash your seasonal clothes.
  • Sort by category. Get all your t-shirts in a pile, all your blouses, all your sweaters, etc. The key here is to be able to see how much you have of each category at a quick glance.
  • Once you have your piles sorted, pick one and either hold or try on each article of clothing.
  • How do you feel in it? Do you love it? Like it? Hate it? Can't remember why you bought it?

    Tip: If you can’t answer those first 2 questions (or answer yes to the last 2), chances are you don’t wear it much and can discard it.

  • If you feel resistance at the thought of getting rid of an item, ask your friend! Does she think it looks like you? Is it flattering? Can she remember the last time she saw you wear it? You’ll be surprised how quickly the feedback will help you get clear on whether this is something you love and should keep.

    Tip: Remember that the goal is not necessarily to purge as much as possible but to only keep the items that are versatile, look good on you, and make you happy when you wear them.

Step 2: Assess and sort the 3 piles.

  • “Love” pile: Everything can remain set aside to be organized.

  • “Like” pile: Take another look and be really honest with yourself why you’re considering it. If you don’t wear it often or don’t feel great when you do wear it, add it to the discard pile.

  • “Discard” pile: Make room for sorting into 3 new categories: Toss, Sell or Donate. 
    (Tip: I use Thred Up to sell name brand clothes. It's easy and you can actually make a little money!) Remove these piles from your room immediately. You’ll feel instant relief just having this out of your space. And please try to resist giving to friends and family unless they ask for it--chances are they don’t need your old clothing and you'll just be contributing to more clutter in their home.)

#3 Organize the items you love.
You want to be able to see the items at quick glance and be able to access them easily. Keep the like items grouped together and start assigning them homes--place the things you use most frequently at eye level and the ones you use the least often towards the top. When organizing your clothes, consider these tips:

  • Stay away from vertical stacking. It’s a pain to have to grab clothing from the bottom of a stack and ends up looking messy. Try to limit any vertical piles to 3 items. Or even better, use bins that you can pull out and see all the items.  

  • Fold your clothes so they stand upright using Marie Kondo’s technique as shown here via Goop

  • Purchase new, matching hangers: Thin, velvet hangers save space, protect your clothes and give a uniform, pretty look to any closet. I like to get these from Homegoods.

  • If you can, add hooks to the wall of on the back of the door.

  • Use drawer dividers, especially for your undergarments.

I can guarantee that getting dressed in the morning will be a breeze when you look in your closet and really love all the options available. And the other dreaded tasks like putting away laundry will be quick and easy when you know exactly where each item goes. Have fun prepping your closet for Spring! Let me know how it goes and if you plan to stop making excuses and only own clothing you feel good in. If you’re in the Chicago area and want help going through this process, you know where to find me!