Teen Bedroom Makeover: Before & After

As a daughter of two very understanding parents, I can tell you this: a girl's tastes will definitely change over time. The music your daughter likes at 9 years old will bore her to tears when she's 13. The same goes for bedroom decor--a 13 year old girl wouldn't be caught dead in a 9-year-old's room. But there's a way to let your daughter express herself with a new look without breaking the bank. Check out my recent bedroom makeover to find out how!

With this bedroom makeover, we took the spare office/storage room and turned it into a Boho Chic sanctuary for my teenage client.  


The Design Concept for this space was a Boho Chic retreat that incorporated an eclectic array of accessories while maintaining a serene and cozy feel for the room. 

Design Concept- Sadie Road

The space was being used as a home office and storage room. We started by purging unnecessary items and painting the walls a light gray. The dresser was repurposed with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.  

This corner was turned into a work area for homework and art projects. 

And there you have it! A fresh coat of paint with a few design accessories can make all the difference! Do you have a daughter whose looking for a bedroom refresh? Share your ideas in the comments below!