The Key to a Happy Home (and You!)- Week 3

Coffee table -Sadie Road

This week we’re talking about the third key step in creating a Happy Home (and You!) in 2016, and it's is my favorite step—STYLING! This is where you can really have some fun adding your personality to the project. Before we dig in to the details of how to style the space, let’s briefly recap what you’ve done so far:

  1. You have the design concept for the space with a clear vision of what style, colors, furniture and overall accents you want to incorporate into the space.

  2. You have sorted and purged everything unnecessary from your space and have left only the essential items that you use and love.

Check and Check? Great, now we’re ready to talk details on what you can do to refresh the space in ways that are both simple and affordable.

Grab the design concept that you put together and use this as a guide as you start the shopping process. Of course you’re not tied to anything on this board, but before you purchase something, ask yourself if it matches the look you wanted.

You may be looking to do a mini makeover in the space, or you may want to do a complete overhaul of the space from top to bottom. Whatever boat you’re in, try a couple of the ideas listed below. I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the impact they have on remaking your room.

Paint: Changing a paint color (on the walls especially, but also with an old piece of furniture) will instantly update the look and feel of your space. I typically recommend going with light neutrals to keep it classic, clean and to make the area feel larger.

Cozy Rug:  is your rug old, boring, or dirty? Is it too big or too small for your space? If so, changing the rug could go a long way.  The rug is the anchor for the surrounding furniture--make sure it's not so small that it floats in the middle of the floor. For a living room, a good rule of thumb is to have at least the front feet of your couch or armchairs on the rug.

Accent Chair: you may have a corner in your bedroom or home office that is just calling for a sweet little chair, or maybe your living room has space for a chair or two that will add style and seating.  These additional chairs can be functional but, more importantly, they're a perfect way to infuse some personality into the space.

Artwork: Framed artwork does not need to be an expensive undertaking. Try browsing one of the below online shops for prints or try framing vintage wallpaper. Or you can have a look at your local antique/thrift shops for little gems that can be re-framed. My favorite places to look online for prints: mintedetsy, and Artfully Walls. And for frames try  Michael's and Ikea

Drapes: Drapes and curtains help to make a space feel cozier AND bigger at the same time--sounds weird, but it's true! To make your ceilings seem higher, hang curtains high above the window (the higher the better) and have them JUST graze the floor. Please, no floating curtains inches or feet above the floor. :)

Throw Pillows: You can never have enough pillows on a bed or couch! Adding some variety of color, pattern and textures is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to make a change. Have fun and experiment with different styles!

Trays: These are another obsession of mine because they truly keep everything more organized while adding pretty detail. I love using trays on coffee or console tables, a dresser or bathroom countertops. If you don’t own a tray, please do yourself a favor and pick one up immediately!

Plant or Flowers: One of my favorite ways to add a little touch of color (really a must-have if you ask me). Whether faux, fresh or dried, a plant is the perfect accessory in any room! Go bold with a large floor plant in the corner or add a little vase with greens on a shelf or mantel.

Throw blanket: how about a new cozy or fun-colored throw on the back of your new accent chair or the bottom of your bed? Try a faux fur or plaid for the colder months and then a lighter cotton with a bold hue for the warmer months!

Baskets: I think every room could use a basket. They are THE easiest way to add storage and style without breaking the bank! Plop one next to the couch or bed to stash your throw pillows or extra blankets. Or add one to your laundry room shelves to store your soaps and detergent, incorporate a few on your bookshelves. You get the idea.

Books: Another accessory that are super easy and affordable. Look no further than your own bookshelf to pick out a couple books that have an interesting cover or spine. Be sure to take the paper cover off and take a look at the actual book--you may be surprised how cool it looks! Next time you’re at an antique store or rummage sale look for a few old vintage books. Or if you're feeling fancy just order a few designer books. Wherever you get your books, they'll look awesome stacked on coffee tables, mantels and side tables.

I'm happy to answer any questions you have along the way. And would love to know what you're doing to style your space--keep me posted as you go! Happy Styling!