A Hallway Before & After

Hallways. For most of us, our hallways are just passageways that you don't take the time to decorate. Some folks might get around to hanging a couple of picture frames, but not all hallways have to be picture galleries! There's a variety of ways to add style to that space. 

A hallway is a functional space, but it's still a part of your home where you will spend a considerable amount of time going back and forth. Incorporating a few design elements will give your hallway some character, make your home feel more inviting, and may even make the space feel larger. Take a look below at a Hallway Before and After and how we transformed a bare hallway into a space with interest, intention and items that bring happiness to our client. 

Hallway close up - Sadie Road

The client wanted a design with pieces that had an eclectic feel; plants, texture, character--not a gallery wall (gasp!). So we took those notes and came up with the following accessories: mirrors, hanging terrariums, woven hanging and prints. 

Hallway inspiration Sadie Road

After this design concept was finalized, we started sourcing from a variety of shops including: etsy, World Market, Minted, Homegoods and the local nursery for airplants. 


Hallway before Sadie Road


Hallway after Sadie Road

We challenge you to spend a little time looking at your hallway and thinking about what type of pieces would bring a smile to your face when you walk down it. Is it a gallery wall with your favorite pictures, a rustic shelf or table that also adds some storage, runner rugs to cozy up the floors, or a few plants to bring some life to the space? There are tons of options--get creative and share with us what you use to style your hallway!