Inspiration for a Teen Room Transformation

At Sadie Road, we've loved working with young families to design the perfect space for their small children. But small children don't stay small forever! When your kids grow up, their style has to grow up along with them. Once your kids become teenagers, they're likely to develop their own sense of style and will want their room to fit their look. But don't worry, you can update your teen's room without breaking the bank. We've recently had the chance to work with a teenager to redesign their room and couldn't be having more fun with it! If you've got a teen in need of a change of scene, take a look below for Inspiration for a Teen Room Transformation

The design concept for the bedroom was to create a cozy space with an eclectic boho chic theme. 

Teen Bed Inspiration-Sadie Road

Once we cleared out 7 bags of stuff from the room, we'll paint the space and bring in new pieces to create a comfortable and fun bedroom. Then we'll add storage, colors, textures and lots of small details to give our client the unique feeling she wants-- a serene retreat with touches of boho chic and girlie elements. 

Are you working on any major room transformations? Could your child's room use a complete makeover? Let us know what you think of the inspiration board here and what you're using to re-decorate your spaces!