Summer Cocktail Party Styling 101

One of our favorite ways to spend a summer evening is having good friends over for a BBQ or Cocktail Party. With just a few simple ideas you can turn an ordinary hang-out into a stylish shindig. Make your next get together even more memorable--try some of these ideas in Sadie Road's introduction on summertime fun, Summer Cocktail Party Styling 101:

Cocktail party- Sadie Road

Coming up with a signature summery drink will be a hit with your guests and add pretty details to your set-up. Start by trying out some fun and inexpensive glassware to make your cocktail stand out. (Tip: try looking at Homegoods or TJMaxx). Displaying the garnishes in different colored bowls serves as a stylish detail for a fun build-your-own drink station. 

Cocktail Party 2-Sadie Road

Adding a small bouquet to the bar area as well as putting together a centerpiece is very simple and affordable. Here we divided a few wild flowers from the grocery store into milk jars that we found on sale (if you can use flowers from your own garden, even better!). Try using a few little vases you own and splitting up one bouquet on the tables at varying heights.You can also use a wooden slab to add height to the center bouquet. 

Cocktail Party 3- Sadie Road

Lighting is also an important part for any outdoor party. String lights and a few candles are an ideal way to create a cozy ambience. Flameless candles in small jars are an excellent option for a nice look without the fire hazard! 

What are some of your favorite touches when hosting an outdoor Cocktail Party?