5 Ways to Style Your Space with Removable Wallpaper

Are you looking to add bold patterns and colors to your space? Try removable wallpaper! I know what you're thinking: "Removable wallpaper? That's just for renters to cover their walls without losing their security deposit." But removable wallpaper's a great solution for renters and homeowners. And it's not just for covering walls--removable wallpaper is more versatile than you think! Here are our 5 Ways to Style Your Space with Removable Wallpaper:

1. The Accent: Adding wallpaper to the wall your headboard rests against will give your bedroom an instant pop. Wall decals instead of full sheets work great in kids' bedrooms and add a touch of charm to nurseries or playrooms. Or try using removable wallpaper in a smaller space like a bathroom or for your kitchen backsplash!

2. The Shelf Liner: You may think to yourself, "but no one sees the inside of my shelves or drawers"--but guess what? You do! And you will be glad you added this extra detail when you go into the linen closet or to grab your gym clothes. For drawers, you can also line the sides so you see the paper when you pull the drawers out. For shelving units, you can line the backs so you see the paper behind the items on the shelves. Here is an example of how we lined the shelves in a bathroom project with a fun print: 

Wallpaper Shelf Liner- Sadie Road

3. The Tray Bottom: Spice up an old tray by adding paper to the bottom. If using as a serving tray, you can add an extra layer of clear contact paper to help protect against spills. 

4. The Art Wall: By using chalkboard wallpaper or any paper with a simple pattern, you create a backdrop for hanging your kids' artwork. This can easily be added to a kitchen nook, a playroom or hallway. Below is an example of how we transformed the side of a clients' kitchen cabinet into an art wall:

Kitchen Artwall-Sadie Road

5. The Artwork: Find a cool pattern to frame and hang above a bed or in a gallery wall. This could be removable wallpaper, or the real deal since you won't need much for the frames.  

The best part of all these options is that they can be easily swapped out when you are ready for a refresh. So take some chances on colors and patterns!

What are some other ways you've used removable wallpaper?