5 Steps to Add Toy Storage and Keep Your Space Organized and Styled

We hear clients ask us all the time—“How do we keep toys from taking over every room in our house?” Its a common problem, likely due to two simple reasons: (1) lack of storage and (2) too many toys. Chances are you have a good idea of how to tackle the second problem (keep purging!) so today we’re going to focus on the first. Take a look below at a recent before and after for inspiration and our 5 Steps To Add Toy Storage and Keep Your Space Organized and Styled.  

Toy Storage-Sadie Road

If you need additional toy storage but want to keep your room stylish and not as though there is a playroom tucked in the corner of your living room, think about trying one of these solutions:

1.     Look for an empty space in the room to add a storage unit. The options are endless—you could purchase a new unit or use a piece of furniture (like a bookcase) you already own to keep your space toy-free. The goal here to bring in a unit that matches the aesthetic of your space.

2.     Use large baskets and bins to keep your toys out of sight. Be sure to keep the size of your baskets and bins in mind when considering what storage unit you want to buy. You want your shelves to be big enough to hold large baskets.

3.     Keep the baskets low enough so they are accessible for the kids. You want the baskets at the right height for your kids to pull the baskets out when playtime comes around and, more importantly, put them away  at clean-up time.

And if you'd like to really add some style to the new area, try these tips for a little extra detail:

4.     Label the baskets with tags that lets your little one know what’s inside. Whether it’s with a picture of the toy, or the word if they can read, this will also help with them pitching in and putting the toys away.

5.     Add a few decorative touches! The new storage unit doesn’t need to be all toys. The unit will blend in more with your living room if you add some picture frames, vases and other items to the shelves that are higher up and out of the kids’ reach.

Here is the before and after of a project that shows how adding a few simple shelving units and baskets gives you a ton of new storage space to stash the toys. 


Toys before- Sadie Road

We opted to do a basic shelving system to keep it simple and budget-friendly. We used deep baskets to maximize the amount of toys that could be place in each one. The symmetry of the two units and baskets goes well with the look of the room and compliments the style of the mantel. 


Toys After-Sadie Road

There are many ways to add toy storage to your living area—what are some of your favorites?