5 Steps to Organize your Mail Clutter

Have piles of mail taken over your kitchen table and countertops? Do you have stacks of mail stashed away in a drawer? Have you missed a bill payment or forgot to RSVP to an invite because you can't keep track of your mail? We've all been there. Sometimes it seems the piles of paper are neverending--junkmail, bills and catalogs just keep coming no matter how hard we try to stop them. Don't lose hope! You can get your mail problem under control with the following 5 Steps to Manage Your Mail Mayhem. 

Mail management Sadie Road

1. Find a spot near the front door to create a "mail station". This can be as simple as a place on the wall to hang a mail organizing bin, or a spot on the entryway table. The key is that the spot is accessible to you when you first walk in with mail in your hands.

2. After you select your preferred space, designate slots or baskets for a quick sort of your incoming mail (i.e., a slot for each person of the home, bills to be paid, items needing a response, etc.). If you take the 2 minutes to separate the mail into categories and toss the junk, your piles will be much more manageable!

3. When you have the different people and categories designated, create a fun label for each! We find it's easier to stay organized and spend the few minutes sorting if we like the way the space looks, and labels are a quick and easy way to add a cute touch to the mail station. 

4. Pick one day a week to sit down and go through the mail and do your replies, payments, and shredding. It won't feel as tedious if you only do it one day a week as part of a routine. 

5. Keep stamps, stationary and office supplies near your mail station so they are easily accessible when you go to do your replies. 

Mail Station- Sadie Road

If your space allows, take it a step further with a home command center and incorporate a calendar, a bulletin board and a place to hang keys!

Let us know what you think--do you struggle keeping your mail down to a minimum?