Options for Organizing your Children's Artwork

Are you looking for a way to keep your kids' artwork without letting it take over your life? We have a few tips to share with you! Take a look at these before and after pictures of a recently completed project and re-think your Options for Organizing your Children's Artwork. 

School and artwork filing bin- Sadie Road

As with any organizing project, the first step is to sort through the artwork. Although it may be tough, keep the artwork pieces that are a favorite or trigger a special memory of your little one. So hang on to that first paper plate turkey from Kindergarten but ditch the two papers with macaroni shells! For the other (hundreds) of art projects your child brings home from school or does at home, consider these tips: 

  • Give a few to grandparents, aunt/uncles or close family friends-- share the love! 
  • Take a picture of your kid's projects and store in your children's photo album--photos are easier to manage than bulky art projects!
  • Display the projects for a short period of time and then toss them. Once you have a place to neatly store the "keepers," you won't beat yourself up for throwing the others out! 

Now that you have the piles narrowed down to what you want to hold on to, there are three simple, yet effective methods to keep the artwork organized:

1. A filing bin. A filing bin with folders for each school year is a great way to keep the important school paperwork and artwork organized. We made the below bins for a client using the awesome idea found on iheart organizing. By adding a few extra tabs for Artwork in the back and keeping this bin accessible, you'll avoid a paper pile up on your countertops! 

Artwork filing bins- Sadie Road

2. A portfolio. For the larger art projects that won't fit in a bin, try a portfolio, or checking with one of your local pizza joints for an empty cardboard box. These are great for stashing what won't fit in the file bins, and can easily slide under the bed or along a wall in a closet. 

3. An Artwall. Reserving a space for your kids' artwork can be a fun way to enjoy your children's masterpieces. Get creative with how you display it--look around for places other than your refrigerator! A wall in the playroom, hallway or small nook in the kitchen is ideal. Here we used removable chalkboard wallpaper and twine with little clothespins to hang artwork on the side panel of the cabinet! 

Kitchen Artwall- Sadie Road

Here is an example of how to use hallway space from the A Soft Place to Land blog. 

Artwork gallery wall-Sadie Road

Each of the solutions offered here are very budget friendly and simple to do--they just take a little bit of time to put together and your determination to keep up with the papers that come home from school!