5 Ways to Style Your Bedroom on a Budget!

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. A place where you go at the end of a long day and shut out the rest of the world. And your sanctuary should reflect your style! Whether you prefer bold patterns, pops of color or a neutral palette in the bedroom, adding a touch of your personality will help you feel calmer the moment you step foot in your room. Try these 5 ways to add a touch of style to your oasis and without blowing your budget. 

1. Artwork: Framed artwork does not need to be an expensive undertaking. Try browsing one of the below online shops for prints or frame vintage wallpaper. Or have a look at your local antique and thrift shops for little gems that can be re-framed. Our favorite places to look online for prints: minted, etsy, Artfully Walls. And for frames: Michael's and Ikea 

Styled bedroom Sadie Road
Bedroom Sadie Road

2. Throw Pillows: You can never have enough pillows on a bed! It may seem like a pain to take them on and off when making the bed but the 2 minutes you spend is SO worth the extra color, pattern and textures on your bed. Have fun and experiment with different styles!

3Drapes: Drapes and curtains help to make the space feel cozier AND bigger at the same time- seems weird right? To make your ceilings seem higher, hang curtains high above the window (the higher the better) and have them just graze the floor. 

Bedroom Drapes- Sadie Road

4. Plant or Flowers: A little floral touch on the dresser or a plant in the corner goes a long way. For those of you sharing your room with someone who wouldn't want things to get too girly, try a neutral colored flower or a green plant. Or perhaps you can compromise and have a little color on only your side of the bed! 

Bedroom Floral- Sadie Road

5. Cozy Rug: Look for a rug that fits under your bed and covers the floor around it. A few places to look for a larger rug for less are: Overstock, Ikea, Target and Wayfair. Another option is to add a couple smaller, plush rugs on your bedsides. We like sheepskin rugs and super plush shag rugs for smaller spaces!

These are just a few ideas to get you started- we'd love to hear how you style your bedroom!