A Family Room for the Whole Family

In many homes, the Family Room serves two purposes: it’s a playroom for the kids and a space for the parents to relax. But it’s tough to fit two rooms into one! One of our clients is looking to do this so we’re working on an inspiration board to map out some ideas for a multi-purpose Family Room. Take a look at our board and the description below and see if you come away inspired!

Kids accumulate a ton of stuff – toys, books, arts and crafts – the list goes on and on! So parents need to have the proper storage units in place for a playroom to stay neat and tidy. The right system can drastically change the look of a room and keep your anxiety level low by allowing for a speedy clean-up. Equally important is to tie in the right design elements to make it a fun and unique space for your kids to enjoy.

While it might not seem like it, a play area and a sitting room really can go together quite nicely! Try neutral shades for the overall wall color—they’ll give your room a relaxing feel that still fits with a playroom vibe. Then you can add touches like family photos or an accent wall to personalize the space. The key here is to choose furniture and accent pieces with the rugs, throws and pillows that suits your unique style while complementing the overall color scheme and feel of the room.

Our Inspiration:

Family Playroom inspiration- Sadie Road

Here is a list of what we show on our inspiration board. Let us know what you think!

1.  Chalkboard Wall: These are reasonably easy and inexpensive to do and so much fun for the kids!
2.  Bookshelf: Use spice racks or wired crates to hold books on walls.
3-4. DIY Crates: Paint crates for an inexpensive storage option.
5. Wallpaper: Add a little design and color to an accent wall or the back of a bookshelf with wallpaper, removable wallpaper or wrapping paper.
6. Hanging Storage: Small shelves with hanging buckets make for an accessible and cute way to display arts and craft supplies.
7. Cubed Shelving Unit: Tuck away toys and books while still accessible for the kids.
8. Bright Colored Bins: A variety of colored bins and baskets for the shelving unit adds a pop of color to the area.
9. Playroom Area Rug: A brightly colored and playful patterned rug fits in perfectly in a playroom!
10. Art Cart: Stash all those little craft odds and ends in a transportable art cart.
11. Couch: A couch in a solid, neutral color will work with the variety of colors being incorporated into the different spaces.
12.  Paint color: A light, neutral color is soothing and will make it easier to tie in the other design elements.
13.  Rustic frames: Add personal style with a few family photos.
4. Throw pillows: Have some fun here with patterns and adding pops of colors that you enjoy.
15. Family Room Area Rug: Pick a rug that reflects your personal style or that will tie in the other colors used in the space. 

Do you use inspiration boards before starting a project? What inspires you?