10 Things to Toss Without Hesitation For Spring Purging

Warmer weather is finally here! It's time to get your house ready for the summer with some spring cleaning! What better time to get rid of your winter clothes and other things you don't need.  So turn on some good tunes, crack the windows, and don’t think twice about saying farewell to the following items:

1.     Apparel you haven’t worn.  Instead of packing up those sweaters, coats and jeans you didn’t wear all winter, consider sending them to Thred Up, an online consignment store. You could make a few bucks while making room in your closet for your summer clothes!

Clothing piles-Sadie Road

2.     Old Socks. Before you start rocking flip flops, go through your socks and get rid of any that have a hole or have lost their match. Same goes for any tights or nylons that have a run in them.

3.     Shoes that have got to go. We all have our favorite pairs of shoes that we hang on to a little too long. The heels are non-existent, the insides are completely worn, perhaps there is a little odor coming from them? Time for those to go!

4.     Expired medication. Go through and toss any medication and vitamins that have expired or that you don’t take anymore. 

Old medication- Sadie Road

5.     Old make-up and hair products. Space in your bathroom vanity is precious, so it's worth spending a few minutes to get rid of make-up or hair products you don't use anymore.

6.     Expired pantry items. Take a look in the pantry and spice cabinet and throw out any items that have expired or you never use.

7.     Vases. If you have a cabinet full of vases, pick a few in a variety of sizes and donate the rest.

vases-Sadie Road

8.     Toys. Take the toys that your kids no longer use and pass them along to other friends, neighbors or the local Salvation Army!

9.     Books and Magazines. These seem to pile up so quickly! Consider sending good reads to family and friends and donating or recycling the others.

magazine pile-Sadie Road

10.  Old electronics. If your phone, iPod, or other device has value, try selling it or trading it in at one of the following: Gazelle, e-Bay, Best Buy.

Be sure that you’re passing these items to people who are genuinely interested in them. The last thing you want to do is make your a family member or friend take an an extra trip to Salvation Army!

Happy Spring Purging, friends!