A Home Office Makeover

We just finished one of our very first projects and we're so excited to share how it turned out! The clients were looking to add two workspaces -- one for the adults and one for the kids -- as well as incorporate more storage in the closet. Check out the "Before" picks to see the room as it was and hear about the ideas we had to address the client's needs. Then look through the "After" to see how we transformed the space into a functional room for the whole family! 

'Before': A Spare Room Storage Space

The client asked us to turn their spare bedroom into a home office for their whole family. Our first step was to the clear the space and purge any unnecessary items.  Then we chose a new shade of paint that we hoped would give the room an airy feel.

Home office before- Sadie Road

We thought this corner spot would be perfect for a desk and chair with some wall shelving units for additional storage. 

Desk area before-Sadie Road

We always try to use the client's existing design elements when we can. So instead of purchasing a new desk, we just painted this one to make it fit in the new room. Scroll down to the "After" to see how it turned out! 

Kid's desk Before-Sadie Road

For the small closet, we decided to add shelving to make for a more efficient storage system. 

Closet before- Sadie Road

'After': A Study in Contrasts

The lighter colors made the space feel larger and more open. The corner desk allowed for maximum storage without dominating the space. We also added organizers to the wall and on top of the desk for additional spots to store items and stay organized. 


We purchased a new desk and some wall organizers from Pottery Barn and added desk organizers from Homegoods (just $12) to make a corner desk area that the adults would love. 

Desk Area After-Sadie Road

We're SO happy with how the Kid's area turned out! The client loved the painted desk, new chair and added storage for toys and supplies!  

Kid's Desk After-Sadie Road

Thanks to the Elfa Systems at The Container Store ,we were able to add in a very efficient closet design along with magazine files to store sheet music. Such an improvement!


There you have it -- a complete home office transformation! We hope the pictures give you some ideas of your own on how to add new storage or design to your space!