Using Baskets to Organize Your Life

Easter is around the corner and that got us thinking about all things Easter: colored eggs, bunnies, and baskets! It’s safe to say we may have a slight obsession with baskets here at Sadie Road.  They are one of our absolute favorite storage solutions--especially when you have some fun with labels & tags! Here are 5 Ways to Get Organized Using a Basket:

1. Pillow Protector. 

Are you tossing your accent pillows on the floor each night? Keep your pillows (and your bedroom floor) nice and clean by placing a big basket next to the bed. 

Pillow Basket -Sadie Road

2. Magazine Manager. 

Drop a basket at the end of your couch to help keep your stack of magazines tidy and accessible. 

Magazine holder- Sadie Road.jpg

3. closet container. 

You can do so many things with baskets in closets! Try labeling a few baskets in your linen closet, pantry, or laundry room to hold cleaning supplies, rags or towels, and food items. 

Hallway closet baskets- Sadie Road

4. Bookshelf bins. 

Use baskets to tuck away the things that you don’t want out in the open while adding a little style to the shelves!  

Bookshelf basket- Sadie Road.jpg

5. Cat crate. 

Trust us,  this is just bound to happen if you’re a pet owner and purchase baskets. :)

Cat house basket-Sadie Road

There are SO many useful things you can do with a handy basket! We hope you try new ways to incorporate them into your home. Experiment with different colors, styles and sizes while you're at it! Just make sure to organize your belongings and measure the space before you purchase!

What's your favorite way to get organized using a basket? Let us know! Happy Easter!