5 Small Steps to Start Getting Organized & Styled

Getting your space together may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. Just take it one small step at a time! Start with a tiny part of your space instead of diving into an entire room that drives you crazy. You’ll be so pleased with the results that you’ll be ready to tackle the whole house before you know it! Not sure what steps to take to begin the process? Here’s 5 of Sadie Road’s favorite small steps to begin your journey to becoming organized & styled. 

5 small steps to start getting organized & styled - Sadie Road

1. Single drawer.

This can be a junk drawer, a dresser drawer, or bathroom vanity drawer—take your pick! First, take everything out and toss what you don’t use. Then sort the remaining items by category. Use drawer dividers when you add items back to the drawer to keep it neat. Tip: DIYers can make drawer dividers using an old shoebox or egg crate. For the not-so-DIYers, we recommend taking a look at Homegoods for discounted dividers.

2. Spice cabinet

Take all your spices out, check the expiration dates, and get rid of any old spices or those spices you’ve never used. Then you can keep your spices organized by purchasing mini turntables or a special spice shelf to keep your spices visible and accessible. Tip: Here are two of our favorites for spice shelves: Mini Turntable and Pull-Down Spice Rack  

3. Artwork.

Do you have blank wall space that you’re not quite sure what to do with? Not interested in spending tons of money? We get it! Try this: measure your wall and find the size and number of frames ideal for your space. Then check out the prints from http://www.minted.com/art and http://www.artfullywalls.com/ and see if you can find some to match your taste. Tip: For those of you looking for cheap, stylish frames, try Ikea, Michael’s Craft Store or Target.

4. Area rug.

Rugs with bright colors and lively patterns are one of our design obsessions. There are so many awesome finds out there, no matter what your taste or budget is, and it can truly change the entire look of your room. Tip: Our current favorite place for rugs: http://www.luluandgeorgia.com.

5. Flowers. 

With Spring right around the corner, it’s fun to add a pop of color to your room with a bouquet of flowers. While we love fresh flowers, we tend to keep our eyes out for good faux florals that we can enjoy ALL year round! Tip: You can create a DIY bouquet for less. We like www.afloral.com. 

Which tip are you most excited to try? What other things do you do to get your space just the way you like it?

Contact Sadie Road if you'd like help getting going or bringing any of these quick tips to life!