10 Quick & Simple Holiday Decorations

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The holidays are just around the corner, and a lot of us barely have the time or energy to even think about decorating. I get it--why spend a ton of time putting stuff out if it’s just going to be packed up again in a month? But you don't have to spend hours making your home into a winter wonderland to get into the holiday spirit! Just adding a few simple decorations can make your home feel festive and cozy. Getting your home ready for the holidays can be quick, easy and affordable. Below are my top 10 Quick & Simple Holiday Decorations. Try picking a couple to test out. You can always build your holiday décor stash year to year (plus, you’ll save a ton if you shop post-holidays!). 

1.     Throw pillows: I’m obsessed with throw pillows year-round, and the holidays are no exception. Add a couple to your couch, armchairs or bed and voila—instant decor! For this time of year try plaid, faux fur, reindeer, gold sparkle or gingham.  

Throw pillow-Sadie Road

2.     Throw Blanket: Other than pillows, a cozy throw in your living room or bedroom is the easiest way to add holiday décor. Have fun with a color, pattern or texture (chenille, faux fur, flannel, fleece) and drape it along the bottom of your bed, on the couch or across your armchair.

Reindeer pillow-Sadie Road

3.     Wreaths: Wreathes are not just for the outside of your home. The Boxwood wreaths are my absolute favorite this year. They are simple and classic. Hang 'em on the door, in front of windows, over the range hood, leaning on a bookshelf or above a headboard. To keep things easier on yourself, find a faux wreath that you can use again year after year. 

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Found on  HouseSeven . 

Found on HouseSeven

4.     Stockings: These are festive and fun for the family—and you don’t necessarily need a mantel to hang them. You can hang from a floating shelf, along the stairway banister, from a bookshelf or in the windows.

Stockings-Sadie Road
       Found on  A Little Delightful . 

       Found on A Little Delightful

5.     Ornaments: Grab one of your decorative bowls (or crates) and fill it with ornaments, pinecones, or both! Add some little pieces of greenery and use on your table, console or bookshelf.

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6.     Garland: There are endless opportunities here. Garland looks beautiful draped along the mantel, a stairway bannister, an entryway table, or along the top of the curtains.

Garland-Sadie Road
Found on  Yellow Bliss Road . 

Found on Yellow Bliss Road

7.     Greenery: Add some greenery to mason jars, small bottles/vessels or tiny vases and place them on the mantel,  bookshelf, or coffee table tray. A variety of heights and sizes for the jars and vases will add a neat effect. 

Found on  Love Grows Wild . 

Found on Love Grows Wild

Found on  Free People .

Found on Free People.

8.     Dishtowels, table runner or placemats. A few towels or a runner that you bring out only this time of year couldn’t be easier and adds a pop of color. They don’t have to have a Santa or some reindeer--if that's not your cup of tea, a simple pattern will do the trick!

Towels-Sadie Road

 9.  Red Berries: A few branches of faux red berries can go a long way. These look great in vases, draped along a mantel or in a tray.

Red Berries-Sadie Road

10. White lights: My all-time favorite! Nothing makes a room feel cozier than the glow from white lights. Other than a fire of course :) White lights do the trick and are so easy! Grab an extra strand of lights and dangle along your headboard, the mantel or console table.

                                    Found on  HouseSeven .

                                    Found on HouseSeven.

So there you have it- 10 simple decorations that you can use to style your home for the holidays. You can make a quick trip to Target, Homegoods, Michael's Craft Shop or TJ Maxx and most if not all of these items in one fell swoop. Bonus tip: The clear 3M Damage Free Hanging Strips work like magic for hanging wreaths, stockings or lights. And while you're out, don't forget an extra storage bin you can label and use for everything post-holidays. Happy Holiday Decorating!