Room Refresh: From Nursery to Big Kid Room

Making the transition from a nursery to a big kid room is a BIG deal for the whole family. If you need to turn your child's nursery into a toddler room, these tips may come in handy:

1. Decide on a style or theme. There are so many different directions you can go--modern, boho, rustic, shabby chic--the list goes on. Spend some time on Pinterest, Instagram or flipping through magazines and see what images you're drawn to and save them in a folder. 

2.  Take Inventory. Go through everything in the room and purge all the items that are no longer needed. Assess the current furniture situation and decide which items make the cut for the new room. The transition from nursery to big kid room is also a good time to take a look around the house and see if there's any furniture or decor that you want to bring in--a repurposed dresser or nightstand is perfect for a toddler's room! 

3. Create a design concept board. Now that you have a good sense of what furniture will be used, add images of those pieces along with the decor you picked out to create your board. My suggestion is to pick a focal point (a rug, curtains, a piece of artwork) and use that for the primary inspiration, with smaller items to compliment it.  

To give you an idea, take a look at this inspiration board I created for a client. The style is bohemian with a splash of modern. We're using a fresh white palette--lots of neutrals with pops of pinks, purples and greens. The new rug is the focal point in this room (how could it not be?!?!). We're repurposing a lot of the furniture, bringing in a chair from a different room to create a reading nook and adding tons of little details and accessories.

Toddler Room inspiration-Sadie Road

Now you have a plan for the room! Before you start shopping, I strongly suggest you take measurements of the furniture and map out where everything will go. There are a lot of free online tools for this, or a piece of scratch paper will do the trick. You should know where the items will go and how much room there is in your space before buying anything. Once you've mapped everything out, it's time to let the real fun begin and START SHOPPING! If you have a clear vision and list of what you're looking for, it makes it that much easier and enjoyable to shop.

Do you have a room you're planning to update? Keep me posted on how it goes!