A DIY Furniture Refresh

We all have those older pieces of furniture that no longer fit our taste and we'd like to replace. A dark brown Ikea dresser or a light oak coffee table from our college apartment-- sound familiar? Furniture can be expensive to buy, so if you're up for a little project to add some big change to your space, here is a step by step guide and proof for how easy and affordable it is to do a DIY Furniture Refresh

Dress after 1 -Sadie Road

Here is the old dresser I've had for over 10 years. Still in good shape, the style works for me, but I wanted a lighter, more modern look to go in the guest room. 

Dresser, before. 

Dresser, before. 

After doing a little research, I quickly decided that Annie Sloan chalk paint was the way to go. I went to a local art store and bought a can in Pure White. It was $35 but the paint goes a long way and can be used on several projects. Plus, when using this paint there is no need to strip, sand or prime the piece-- lots of money and time saved right there! 

Chalkpaint- Sadie Road

First I used a damp rag to wipe down the dresser and removed the hardware. I applied one coat on each drawer as well as the dresser. Within an hour the paint was dry and ready for the second coat. 

Dresser in progress- Sadie Road

After the second coat dried it was time for the wax which helps to seal and protect the furniture. I had never used wax before and again was pleasantly surprised how simple it was. I found this tutorial helpful and recommend watching before you get started. There are small waxing brushing you can use, or any sort of microfiber (I used these blue paper towels and an old t-shirt). All you do is apply a very, very thin coat to small sections at a time--then wipe it off with a fresh piece of towel. For a shinier look, use the towel to buff it. The wax really helped to give it a finished look!

Paint close up- Annie Sloan

The other piece I knew wanted to swap out was the hardware. Changing out the hardware is one of my favorite ways to get a new look in no time. For this dresser, I decided to go with gold, ring pulls and found these from Lee Valley for $2.80 each. Such a steal, and I love how they look!

Dresser Hardware- Sadie Road

And wa-lah, a whole new dresser in a couple hours work. 

Dresser after- Sadie Road

I'm working on a few other updates in the guest room and excited to share with you the final before & after soon! Until then, what do you think of the dresser refresh? Do you have a piece at home you want to update? Let me know how it turns out!