5 Ways to Get Organized and Feel Happier in 5 Minutes

A lot of us have written down “Get Organized” on our to-do list. And then it just sits there, not crossed out, for weeks until we transfer it to the next to-do list. Organization is a process that can feel daunting, especially when you feel like you just don’t have the time or energy. So I’ve been thinking about the small things that we can do on a regular basis to help keep our lives organized without becoming a major project. Here is the list I came up with for my top 5 ways to get organized and feel happier in 5 minutes.

5 Ways to get Organized Sadie Road

1.     Make your bed. It may seem trivial, but making your bed will make you feel calmer and more organized when you walk into your room.  It doesn’t have to be perfect—just pulling up the blankets and tossing your pillows in place will have an impact.

2.     Sort the mail.  Mail and catalogue piles drive a lot of us crazy. It’s just never ending! If you take 1 minute when you bring in the mail to toss all the junk mail immediately, and then sort the rest by the household individuals, you can get the piles down instantly.

3.    Hang up your stuff. Try hanging your coat, your purse, and your keys the minute you walk in the door. It takes two seconds to do and not only will it keep your place tidy, you’ll know exactly where to find these items when you leave.

4.    Clean sweep before bed. Spend a few minutes collecting the toys, books, and drinking glasses that are scattered around the room and drop them in their “homes”. Walking into a tidy space the next morning will help you start your day feeling organized.

5.    Prioritize your to-do list. Take a look at that list of yours and prioritize the #1 thing you need to get done. Knowing what the most important thing is to spend your time on will make you feel organized and be more productive. I like to do this at the end of each day so before I go to sleep, I know exactly what I’ll be doing the next day. 

These are just a few ideas that I find helpful and simple to keep up with on a regular basis. Maybe just pick one to try and do it consistently every day—and let me know if you begin to feel happier and more organized!

If you have other quick tips that keep you organized, please leave a comment and share with us!